Unraveling the Magic: Harry Styles’ “Falling” Piano Chords

Harry Styles' "Falling" Piano Chords

Harry Styles’ soulful ballad “Falling” has captured the hearts of many with its raw emotions and hauntingly beautiful melody. If you’re a pianist looking to recreate the magic of this song, you’re in for a treat. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the piano chords and progressions that make “Falling” such a captivating piece.

The Essence of “Falling”:

Falling” is a song that speaks of vulnerability and heartache, and its piano accompaniment beautifully complements the emotions conveyed in the lyrics. The chords used in the song are relatively simple, making it accessible for pianists of various skill levels.

Chords Used in “Falling”:

The song primarily uses four chords throughout: C, G, Am, and F.

Here’s how to play these chords:

  • C Major (C): C, E, G
  • G Major (G): G, B, D
  • A Minor (Am): A, C, E
  • F Major (F): F, A, C

Chord Progression:

The chord progression for the verses and chorus is as follows:

  • Verse: C – G – Am – F
  • Chorus: C – G – Am – F

The simplicity of this progression allows the focus to remain on Harry Styles’ heartfelt vocals and the emotional depth of the lyrics.

Playing Style:

“Falling” is a song that thrives on dynamics and expression. As you play, pay attention to the following aspects to capture the song’s essence:

Tempo: The song is played at a slow and expressive tempo, so take your time with each chord change.

Dynamics: Start softly and gradually build up the volume to emphasize the emotional peaks in the song.

Pedal Use: Experiment with using the sustain pedal to create a rich, resonant sound and to connect the chords smoothly.

Expression: Let your playing reflect the emotions in the song. Add subtle variations in dynamics and tempo to convey the heartfelt lyrics.

Adding Your Touch:

While the basic chord progression remains constant, don’t be afraid to add your own embellishments and variations to make the song your own. Harry Styles himself often adds little flourishes and variations when performing live, so feel free to explore and experiment.


Playing “Falling” by Harry Styles on the piano is a beautiful way to express deep emotions through music. The song’s simplicity in chords and progression leaves plenty of room for interpretation and personal expression. Whether you’re playing it for yourself or an audience, remember to infuse your performance with the raw, heartfelt emotions that make this song so special. Happy playing!

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